Music Lesson & Attendance Policy 

 Effective Jan 2011

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Please note the following revised policies regarding lesson at Music & Moore.   

Lessons will be charged a rate of $80.00 a month for a 4 week month/$100.00 a month for a five week month with payment being due at the beginning of each month prior to taking lesson.  Lessons may not be paid per week.  Late or unpaid lessons will be charged to your account.  Lesson may be paid by cash or check only.   (payable to your instructor)

Students are required to check in at the front desk before each lesson and must have their books and instruments with them.   Young children that take lessons with us are not to be left unattended while at the store. Children are not to be dropped off without supervision and if siblings come to the lessons they must remain in the waiting area and not have free run of our showrooms and instruments.  Parents will be responsible if damage occurs.  The staff at Music and Moore cannot be responsible for watching kids while trying to do business.  We ask that you please stay with your child until their lesson begins and be here when they are through.  If you bring others with you please make sure they remain with you and in control.  It would also be helpful if you made sure they had a potty break before their lesson.

v     Please arrive for your lesson ON TIME.  Our lessons run on schedule and if you are late than you will not get the full time allotted.  Please also be prompt in picking up children after their lesson so they don’t have to wait. 

      v     As a courtesy to your instructor, if you are going to be absent for any reason, please call the store at least 24 hours in advance, however credit will not be issued.  If student(s) are unable to attend a    lesson for which they have contracted, that lesson will be lost and not rescheduled. 

v     NO EXCEPTIONS.  In the event of 2 “NO SHOWS”, we reserve the right to replace student with no refunds for prepaid lessons. 

v     Credit will only be applied to your account in the event of severe weather or instructor illness.  In these cases you will receive a call to cancel your lesson and we will post cancellations on local television.  If you do not receive a call, your lesson will take place as scheduled.  If you feel you cannot drive on the roads, please consider your safety but since you teacher will be there, you will not be issued credit.

v     Music & Moore and instructors reserve the right to terminate lessons due to failure to pay or lack of interest.  If students wish to discontinue lessons, they must provide written notice 2 weeks prior. 

Learning to play and instrument takes dedication and hard work.  We have waiting lines for students eager to start with us but we cannot accommodate them under the old policies.  These policies will help all concerned and allow those students who are serious about their lessons to move forward in becoming accomplished musicians.  Thank you for understanding and feel free to call us with any questions or comments.


220 Bath Rd. Cooks Corner Brunswick, Me. 04011